The unexamined pain

So I’ve been disappeared for a long time, unable to write on my pain blog because of… pain. Funny that…

Long story I don’t want to get into, but it involves the torturous cessation of a medication I maybe should never have been on (but it was worth a shot), flare up of several old injuries/conditions (endometriosis is not my friend), some new therapy that seems to be useful (depression makes pain worse, and St. John’s Wort can be your friend), and my time having to be allotted carefully (finishing a long overdue project).

Ruminating on pain wasn’t the right thing to do at the time. Sometimes it’s best not to examine the difficulties too much.  (So long pain blog.) You have to throw all your effort into the most productive pot. (Hello publishing contract! First romance novel coming out in January!)

One of my health care professionals thought it was a bad idea to examine pain too closely, operating under the assumption that if you talk about pain all the time you’re going to feel more pain. Negativity breeds more negativity, etc. I don’t agree. This break wasn’t about needing a break from pain. Obviously not – there is no escape. Mostly the break was about time management. The more time I spend working on alleviating pain and conditions that cause pain, the less time I have to do other shit. It’s math, pure and simple.

I hope to get back to prodding and poking at this constant companion again. I really do think that paying attention to pain is the best way to live with it amicably.

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